Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010- Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday, by Bridget Nolan, SBP Photographer

Turkey Strut
If you haven’t heard, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s the starving AmeriCorps in me, but I am counting down the days till I uninhibitedly stuff my face with some of the best culinary creations known to man. To my surprise though, this wondrous holiday is neglected. Thanksgiving seems to have been forgotten in the quick jump from candy-crazed Halloween, into the overpriced, stressed winter holiday season. Just because Thanksgiving isn’t marketed with giant animatronic lawn turkeys, does not mean that it should be pushed aside. There are millions of reasons why Thanksgiving is the best holiday, but I’ll keep it short and sweet (Mmmm.. sweet potatoes).

There is no stress of having to give gifts. There is also no stress of having to fake your love for Aunt Sadie’s knitted Christmas sweaters, with matching scarf for the dog (oh, only me?). Thanksgiving is about being thankful for the moment. The time spent with family and friends is enough of a gift; and so are those cranberries.

There is no religious attachment. Thanksgiving does not care what your religious beliefs are. You can be Jewish, Christian, Muslim…etc, and you can all call it Thanksgiving, and you can all celebrate it in the same way-- eating till you pass out.

The weather is better. Okay, maybe this doesn’t go for NOLA climate, but back in the real world Thanksgiving is much safer than the winter holiday season. Family members can fly, drive, and even walk to the festivities without the fear of ice, snow, or whatever else might kill them along the way. Winter holiday season, not so much.

Lastly, thanksgiving is the best holiday because it represents togetherness. In the true spirit of American eating habits, our wonderful thanksgiving founders knew how to do it right: good friends, good food, and good times. I hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving, and are able to enjoy it with friends and/or family. Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast. - William Shakespeare 

As a lover of thanksgiving, I would love to know what your holiday views are! What do you love about Thanksgiving? Or do you like the winter holiday season better? Please respond!

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