Monday, December 23, 2013

SBPNY Home for the Holidays!

More than a year later, Superstorm Sandy’s destructive impact is still being felt by hundreds of hardworking NY families. In 2012, St. Bernard (SBP) expanded operations from New Orleans to New York to rebuild homes that were devastated by the storm. To date, SBP has rebuilt more than 60 homes for families in Staten Island and Rockaway who cannot afford the cost of rebuilding on their own. SBP believes this is a solvable problem!
St. Bernard Project-New York (SBP-NY) is excited to announce our Home For The Holidays Campaign, a cause that will aid struggling families who will not celebrate the holidays at home this year. This year, families like the Kases are grateful for SBP-NY’s support in their home rebuilding process. Like the Kase family, all of our clients embody resilience, hope and courage. SBP asks for your help to bring a family back home for next year’s holiday season. Please help us return these families home for holidays in 2014! As many residents are still facing obstacles to recovery in Staten Island and Rockaway, this is an opportunity to help the more than 300 families on our waiting lists.

It's easy to give the gift of home to Sandy survivors this holiday season! Here are a few ways you can support SBP-NY’s Home For The Holidays Campaign:

1. Make a donation to SBP in lieu of holiday gifts
  • SBP will acknowledge your gift with holiday cards, volunteer opportunities, recognition on our social media platforms and updates on the family you are generously supporting.   

2. Host a holiday party to benefit SBP and support rebuilding costs
  • SBP provide will invitations, information about SBP and our clients for your attendees and SBP holiday decorations.

3. Donate

To learn more about Home for the Holidays, visit: