Friday, June 13, 2014


Left frightened alone beaten, and abused in the dark controlled by the manipulation of the muddy flood waters, for years I cried so many tears,
Broken bones, bruised veins, and left exposed for all to see,
It is a life long memory of misery,
Feeling defeated when things remained the same,
Drawing some strength from how I still remained,
Oh my empty hollow shell,
Waiting to be clothed, waiting for rescue,
Alone thirsty, naked, and unfed,
Just keep waiting for a roof to put over my cracked head,
Then finally out of nowhere,
Came the people, from everywhere,
With hammers, bright smiles, and drills,
Oh what a thrill,
A ray of hope,
A touch of kindness all over my frail fragile body,
The people dress me, caress me, and even perfect me,
The people gave me water to drink,
Now I can think,
Restored my pipes,
Now I can sing;
Lord when they put that hat on my head,
I woke up from the dead,
SBP I just want to thank you. Thank you! Thank you!

Elaine Vigne

Elaine was an AmeriCorps member for SBP NOLA, serving in our Client Services Department.  She wrote this poem shortly before her term ended.