Thursday, September 18, 2014

Many Faces of AmeriCorps: Meet Angela!

Angela Calabro - Malverne, NY - 26 - Site Supervisor with SBP

A little bit about Angela: 

Prior to her AmeriCorps term, Angela had been working in a specialized industry for several years and decided she wanted to explore different career options.  She felt that a year of service would be beneficial and allow her ton continue to be productive while having new experiences during this time of discovery and transition.  She grew up on Long Island but was not in the country when Sandy hit.  She wanted to get involved in a more substantial way than just occasional volunteering, which is why she chose to serve in the Rockaways.  

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I have been the Site Supervisor on three homes to date, however my biggest accomplishment was the second.  We had several complications but I felt the general rebuild process went well and I was able to physically see how my role as Site Supervisor was critical in bringing the family home making all other issues seem unimportant.  

Talk about a time you felt very connected to the vision: 

I felt very connected to the mission when I first was in training.  Our Project Manager at the time did an excellent job of team building and supporting us while teaching the appropriate skills needed to work on houses.  He allowed us to feel like members of a larger support system that although not perfect would be there to allow us to be as productive and successful as possible.  

Why do you think service is important?

Service is important in order to realize the bigger picture of what is going on in neighborhoods we aren’t familiar with.  Service allows us to put our own lives in perspective and give back to communities that are in need.  We never know where our own paths may take us and although we hope to never need it, one day we may find ourselves in seeking a little assistance.  Service is also crucial to enabling school children who have not been exposed to different experiences and settings to be pushed far out of their comfort zone and continuously supported until they accomplish the task. 

What have you gained from serving in AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps has shown me how there will always be new projects and tasks that seem daunting to learn i.e. rebuilding a house, however if broken down into smaller steps and practiced almost anything is possible to learn.  

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