Friday, October 24, 2014

Volunteer Spot Light: Gladeville Baptist Church, Tennessee

Friends of Rockaway has recently had the pleasure of working with members of the Gladeville Baptist Church from Nashville, Tennessee. Congregants at the Glade Church have been volunteering in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2005; after eight years and 30+ mission trips spent restoring the NOLA community in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, members of the church heard about Superstorm Sandy and felt called by God to help rebuild NYC, too. They aligned themselves with a group they thought was well-equipped to bring families home, and thus have been serving with SBP/FoR over the past few months.

This October, the group worked on several homes in the Rockaways and completed various construction tasks, including: hanging drywall, cleaning, mudding, putting up insulation, “destroying a bathroom” and “sanding...times a million!” Some of the volunteers’ favorite parts of their service experience were “talking to homeowners,” “ripping the ceiling” and “destroying the bathroom!” Members of the Glade Church offered some helpful advice for future volunteers -- they suggest people “do it right the first time/follow instructions,” exercise “patience and flexibility,” and “hold their temper and stay energetic!”  

Thanks for all your hard work this past week, Glade Church -- we hope to see you out here in the Rockaways again soon!

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Amy Hardy said...

It was an honor serving with you, Friends of Rockaway, in the Salvatore's home! We love them!