Friday, October 31, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Cayuga Presbytery- Syracuse & Young Adult Volunteers PC (USA) of Little Rock, AR

Both the Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery: Southern Comfort Mission and Ministry Team of Syracuse, NY and the Young Adult Volunteers PC (USA) group of Little Rock, AR recently joined us for a week of service in the Rockaways. They served as ambassadors of the nationally-based Presbyterian Disaster Assistance group, whose volunteer village at the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica (in Jamaica, Queens) has partnered with Friends of Rockaway and SBP. Members of both teams had previously volunteered in post-Katrina New Orleans, so they were excited to extend that service to the NYC region this past month.

During their time rebuilding, the groups engaged in various construction tasks, including sanding, painting, drywalling, and framing. The Southern Comfort Mission and Young Adult Volunteer teams agreed that the opportunity to serve was the best part of their volunteer experience. The highlight of the week, however, was their daily sharing of espresso and cookies with the homeowners, the Giuliano family. Group members had some important advice for future volunteers: “Be flexible, work with [the Site Supervisors] Don and Jeremiah, and do what Don says!”    

Thanks so much for your hard work, Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery and Young Adult Volunteers -- we look forward to working with your groups again. Feel free to come back for the service and to stay for the espresso!

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