Friday, October 31, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Farmers Insurance Women’s Network

SBP in New Jersey recently had the pleasure of working with Farmers Insurance Women's Network. Farmers Insurance has been a partner to the St. Bernard Project for a long time and has been sending up to five of their employees every week to help with our rebuilding efforts in New Jersey. This dedication to service ties into one of Farmer’s core philanthropic pillars - community involvement.

Last week, the group brought 26 of their members from as far West as Chicago and as South as Virginia to help work on several homes in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They completed various construction tasks, including: hanging drywall; mudding; installing floors; installing window trim; painting; and the "dreaded sanding!" 

Many of the members mentioned how this experience allowed them to grow. They advise anyone reluctant to volunteer with us to "get out of their comfort zone” because working with SBP “does the soul good." These individuals put emphasis on taking the opportunity to give back any chance you can get. Volunteering with SBP in New Jersey was a unique experience for Farmers Insurance Women's Network because they felt as though they had "ownership in making a change." 

One of the members said, "People just want their names on a project. Here there was no micromanaging and were able to learn as we worked through our tasks." Through volunteering with SBP in New Jersey, Farmers Insurance members were able to be a presence in the community as examples of the importance of service.

Thanks for all your hard work Farmers Insurance Women’s Network -- we hope to see you out here in New Jersey again soon!

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