Friday, January 30, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Stevenson Univeristy

Stevenson Univeristy, Mission: I'm Home, holds a place near and dear the SBP's heart. These long time volunteers have been bringing students to the Big Easy for many years. We asked them a bit more about why they keep choosing to volunteer with the St. Bernard Project.

"The Experiences in the past are consistently rewarding. The site supervisors always support the volunteers thought the taste and kept the work fun. The SBP mission is honest, clean, and absolutely making a difference. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside SBP to rebuild New Orleans."

Stevenson Univeristy worked on two different houses, both in the mold remediation phase, which includes a three-step process. This is a critical stage of construction and ensures that the homes will not have to be torn back to the studs again. We asked them what they enjoyed most about coming to New Orleans and working with SBP. This is what they said.

"Meeting the Homeowner."

“Hearing the stories of where the AmeriCorps members are from and what brought them to SBP.”

“Understanding, and seeing the history of Katrina and New Orleans.”

“Getting to know people from my school that I didn’t know before this trip.”

“I didn’t think I could be this happy bring this gross.”

“Learning new skills and understanding the importance of what we are doing.”

“Using my two hands to make a difference."

We asked them what they would tell others who are looking to volunteer to rebuild New Orleans and the lives of the people who live here. They advised to:

"Come open minded and remember that every step matters.”

“You’re not just building a home, you're rebuilding a life.”

“Bring music! Motto of Mission I’m home - Eat. Work. Dance.”

“Get ready to have your life changed.”

When asked how this was different than other volunteer experiences they had, they collectively agreed that it was a personal experience, and they left feeling fulfilled, completely understanding the difference you are truly making. Thanks again Stevenson - we'll see you next year!

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