Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheer for Ben Crane! Click for SBP!

With just a few clicks, you can bring a family home.

Sometimes, it really is just that easy.

Long-time supporter and incredible golf player, Ben Crane (left), is once again working with SBP along with Zurich to get a New Orleans family back on the fairway. Ben Crane is one of seven Golf Ambassadors participating in the Zurich Charity Cup. Each player designates a charity of choice and whoever wins receives $30,000. Importantly, this is enough to rebuild one family’s house.

Here’s where you come in: this is an online voting competition, which means that you are the determining factor whether or not SBP gets $30,000. With just a few clicks, you can bring a family home. And the best part is…there’s no limit to how many times you can vote.

It’s easy. Just:
1) Go to the website 
2) Click on Ben Crane's image to choose the team that you're supporting
3) Click 'Cheer'
4) If you are not a bot, enter the security code and click “Cheer Here”
5) If you are a bot, we appreciate your support, but understand that you can’t help us in this case.
6) Repeat
7) And repeat
8) Congratulate yourself and know that you have our immense gratitude for your help. Every click brings a family closer to a Welcome Home Party like Ms. Ceaser's (right).

Our very own magnificent media wizard Britney Gedeon cheered 41 times in 5 minutes. Can you beat that?

The competition ends June 25th. Whoever gathers the most cheers will win the $30,000 prize.

So, please, visit the site every week and spend 15 minutes 'Cheering' for SBP and Ben Crane. Funding is the greatest barrier between homeowners and rebuilding their storm-devastated houses. By taking just 15 minutes a week to cheer, you’ll be directly contributing to bringing a hardworking family home. Thank you!