Friday, January 23, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Farmers Insurance


St. Bernard Project- New Jersey recently had the pleasure of working with Farmers Insurance. Farmers has been a vital partner to the St. Bernard Project in our rebuilding efforts. Farmers has been sending up to five of their employees every week to help with our rebuilding efforts. For 2015 Farmers has doubled down on the recovery effort by extending employees volunteer stints by an extra week! This dedication to our recovery efforts has been absolutely incredible, without committed and passionate partners like Farmers this important work might not get done.

Last week, was the start of what we know will be another fruitful year of partnering with Farmers. We had three fantastic volunteers who hailed from all over the Mid-Atlantic Area spend a week with with us rolling up their sleeves and getting their boots dirty. They completed various construction tasks, including: hanging drywall; mudding; and spackling. These hands-on activities allowed the volunteers to gain a true understanding of how big an impact volunteer labor can make in the rebuilding process.

One of the members mentioned how great it was to really see the tangible impact of their efforts. Another commented how exciting it was to gain new skills, while at the same time contributing to a valuable service towards the community. All of these individuals put a strong emphasis on taking the opportunity to get involved with SBP’s important work. Volunteering with SBP in New Jersey was a unique experience for the group not only because this line of work was new to them but also because it was the 1st time many of them felt they were really making a difference through volunteering. Serving with SBP in New Jersey, provided Farmers Insurance members the chance to see 1st hand the challenges that still lie ahead, but most importantly the experience demonstrated the tremendous value volunteers have on the community.

Thanks for all your hard work Farmers Insurance!

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Written by: Michael Spinello

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